aaaahhh Villa Park where I was blessed with my Islam AlhamduliAllah

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Villa Park is very meaningful for me, but I am just biased =)

Islamic Foundation Logo

No, in all seriousness though Villa Park Islamic Center Masjid; or Islamic Foundation (I.F.) as it is known, holds it down! They offer weekend school, regular school and a completely certified and successful high School.

The a very big Mosque with great parking. It is a GREAT place where you can feel the Islamic Ummah with Qiyam’s during Ramadan, Five daily prayer services
Two Friday (Jum’a) Prayer sessions (12:05 & 1:05 pm)
Full-Time Islamic School (Preschool to 12th Grade)
Weekend Schools (Saturday & Sunday School)

Qur’an and Arabic learning for sisters and brothers, a room upstairs near the women area with space for young ones and their mothers to watch them as to not interrupt the other others which allows the moms to be able to come out as well. Financial Assistance applications for those in need , an In center Islamic bookstore, Imam offices, a full basement for events or community use and many other services. I have met and know of Great Muslims doing big things for the community from this Mosque.

There is also a brother over there doing big things, he hosts events with the youth preparing them InshaAllah to carry the Islam for tomorrow when it’s their turn.

On-Going Da’wah activities, and programs for new Muslims and non-Muslim and a growing ethnically diverse Muslim population.

They are located at

Islamic Foundation
300 W. Highridge Road
Villa Park, IL 60181

or call 630-782-6562


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