Bridgeview Illinois

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aaaahh Bridgeview how my heart loves thee. Smack-dab in the middle of the southwest suburbs Here the beautiful offer is a BIG Muslim community, a Mosque, a Recreation center owned by the mosque, a food pantry at the Mosque, Islamic schools, near by halal shops,  stores,  Islamic clothing and book stores,   and nearby halal food.

Aside from offering Thursday night classes, Friday prayers, community support, counseling, marriage services, prayer services 5 times a day, arbitration, funeral services, ask the Imam, food Pantry, weekend school,and many gatherings-the Mosque also has Many learning groups and support for new and not so new Muslims who became Muslim through Shahadah. These things include yearly gatherings, Eid gatherings, Sisters Learning hadith/Quran and class in English/Arabic On Sunday Mornings 10:30 am-12, as well as Spanish Speaking classes on Islam and the Prophets on Sunday at 11:30-12:30 with Sister Celia.

The Mosque is located at

7360 W. 93rd St.

Bridgeview IL 60455

and the phone number to contact them is


Click HERE for all information about the awesome Community center and all they do.

Click here to read and or sign up for the newsletter

Click here to Donate and/or support the Mosque and all it does.

Click here for their web site


The Mosque Foundation has not endorsed, encouraged or paid me to post this nor am I an employee there. If anyone should find any errors or something incorrect PLEASE inform me so that I may fix it immediately.

I can be reached at


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